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Episode: I’m Not the Hot Young Thing Anymore

I’m Not the Hot Young Thing Anymore

As we sit here planning episodes, our younger, cooler staff are in the next room laughing through a video shoot of cocktails. These are the same people who know all the pop culture references and meme…
Episode: Assess, Reset, Refocus

Assess, Reset, Refocus

Remember that time when we thought the turbulent white water that is business ownership was temporary? When COVID, business loss, and social upheaval surrounded us, we often came back to that elusive …
Episode: Burnout and Overwhelm

Burnout and Overwhelm

When you start to plan a podcast episode and your first sentence is, “I don’t know what day it is,” you know you’ve got a bit of a burnout problem. And when you don’t have time to enjoy the …
Episode: It Doesn’t Matter How You Got There

It Doesn’t Matter How You Got There

The path to becoming an entrepreneur is different for everyone. Karen knew business ownership would be in her future, while Jen did not. Yet here they are, in a very similar spot. Join us as we discus…
Episode: Pressure-Testing Your Brand

Pressure-Testing Your Brand

For the past few years, we’ve been living in a time where change happens fast. Norms around business practices, personal space, and education are all different than they were just three years ago. A…
Episode: Philosophy for Efficacy

Philosophy for Efficacy

As you all know, we have been honing our creative strategy skills for over two decades. At this point, we know when creative works and when it doesn’t. But how can you tell? Join us as we dive into …