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Neither of us went to business school.

Episode: When To Hire — And When Not To

When To Hire — And When Not To

Hiring as a micro-business can feel like a Herculean task, but it’s important to approach the hiring process from a proactive place. Being intentional about hiring doesn’t just apply to candidate …
Episode: Pressure-Testing Your Brand

Pressure-Testing Your Brand

For the past few years, we’ve been living in a time where change happens fast. Norms around business practices, personal space, and education are all different than they were just three years ago. A…
Episode: Philosophy for Efficacy

Philosophy for Efficacy

As you all know, we have been honing our creative strategy skills for over two decades. At this point, we know when creative works and when it doesn’t. But how can you tell? Join us as we dive into …
Episode: Amanda Blondeau, Northern Initiatives

Amanda Blondeau, Northern Initiatives

Small business is vital to Michigan’s economy. Amanda Blondeau from Northern Initiatives joins us to discuss why it’s so important, the work she does with businesses across Michigan, and how entre…
Episode: The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

Sometimes the timing just isn’t right and you miss out on that one true hire. This week, we discuss heartbreaks in hiring and the opportunities you can capture from the resumes that just slip throug…
Episode: Hiring Freelancers: When, Why, And How

Hiring Freelancers: When, Why, And How

Hiring freelancers comes with a myriad of pros and cons. On one hand, freelancers are usually more cost efficient than contracting with an agency. But, on the other, sometimes you get what you pay for…
Episode: How To Stop Dreading Employee Reviews

How To Stop Dreading Employee Reviews

We know employees dread employee reviews–but we're pretty sure most employers and bosses dislike them as well. We've both recently been through our last round of employee reviews, and the modificati…
Episode: Managing Virtual Relationships

Managing Virtual Relationships

Today more than ever, our internal, external and client teams might not be in our own backyard. In fact, we both have clients we've never met in person across the country. But for professional communi…
Episode: Who Left Me In Charge?

Who Left Me In Charge?

This episode, we're welcoming a special guest: Democratic nominee from Michigan House District 68 Sarah Anthony. As Chair of the Ingham County Board of Commissioners, Sarah was the youngest African-Am…
Episode: We Hate Sales and Prospecting, Too

We Hate Sales and Prospecting, Too

It's safe to say that many of us in creative services would prefer to talk about something other than sales. Anything other than sales. But the fact of the matter is, prospecting keeps our businesses …
Episode: What Makes a Great Partnership

What Makes a Great Partnership

When you make the right pairing, unexpected things happen. But one thing is for sure: a great partnership makes all the difference. We're excited to host our first-ever guests, Robin and Betsy Miner-S…
Episode: Hiring


I recently hired some new staff, and I promise you, it's one of the most difficult boss duties around. We've both had our ups and downs when it comes to bringing on new talent. Sometimes, we've hit it…
Episode: Professionalism is dead

Professionalism is dead

Did you hear? Professionalism is dead! There are no more rules, and everything goes! Sound great? Or not so much? Listen in as we discuss the many aspects of professionalism.