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Episode: Performing When The Pressure's On

Performing When The Pressure's On

Everyone is faced with pressure to perform in life. No matter what our career is, we all want to be successful – but with success and with growth comes pressure. How do we cope with the pressure to …
Episode: A Post-Election Check In

A Post-Election Check In

Strategy Series
This minisode is a reminder to check in with one another. Recorded after the election but before results were determined, we use this mini episode as an outlet to air our feelings, share observations …
Jen and Karen

Upcoming webinar

Taking a stand can improve our world while solidifying our brands in the process—so how can we do it right (and ethically)? This month, Jen will be hosting the second webinar in her series: Brand Leadership 101 – When to Stand Up, Sit Down, and Take Action as an Ethical Marketer.

Tune in to learn how your brand can walk the walk when it comes to brand leadership and make its marketing a force for good. Mark your calendar for July 22 at 12 pm ET, and register below (for free!) to reserve your spot.

Brand Leadership 101


In the creative industry we’re taught to put on a winning face and make it look like we have it all together, even when we don’t.

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