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Honest conversations about leadership & sanity in the creative industry.

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Whether you’re launching a new product, debuting a brand, or initiating a capital campaign, the success of your effort hinges on your marketing strategy. It’s the difference between launching a…
We’re back with another case study! This week, we’re talking about Redhead’s recent work rebranding the City of Trenton. Branding a city requires an entirely different playbook in comparison to…
Whether it’s a partner, a parent, a trusted friend, or even a therapist, we all need people in our lives who can share sage wisdom or help us navigate a crisis. Continuing last episode’s theme of…
No matter how seasoned you are as a business owner, sometimes you need to phone a friend. Whether it’s an old college roommate who became an industry expert, or a professional whose council you pay…
Jen and Karen

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Looking for speakers for your next event? (Like an awards ceremony, conference, or your nephew’s bar mitzvah?) We can do that. In all seriousness, Jen and Karen don’t get sweaty palms at the thought of public speaking. Which isn’t a shocker, considering the whole podcast thing.

From MCing to panels, we can supplement your next event with knowledge and witty banter. Let's grab a cocktail and talk speaking engagement opportunities.

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In the creative industry we’re taught to put on a winning face and make it look like we have it all together, even when we don’t.

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