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Episode: The Games We Play Beyond The Board

The Games We Play Beyond The Board

In the game of life, you're either the player or the spectator. You have to pick one–and we don't like to be in the bleachers. But inside the game of life, there are endless other games people play:…
Jen and Karen

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Looking for speakers for your next event? (Like an awards ceremony, conference, or your nephew’s bar mitzvah?) We can do that. In all seriousness, Jen and Karen don’t get sweaty palms at the thought of public speaking. Which isn’t a shocker, considering the whole podcast thing.

From MCing to keynote speaking, we can supplement your next event with knowledge and witty banter. Let's grab a cocktail and talk speaking engagement opportunities.

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In the creative industry we’re taught to put on a winning face and make it look like we have it all together, even when we don’t.

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