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Episode: Does Creative Drive Die?

Does Creative Drive Die?

Those of us who rely on creativity for our careers live in fear of the day when there are no good ideas on the horizon. Does creative drive die? Where does motivation come from? And how do we keep cre…
Episode: Who Do You Give Your Baggage To?

Who Do You Give Your Baggage To?

The thing about being a leader—sometimes it feels pretty lonely. Heavy decisions and indecision can weigh on you. Who do you turn to when your baggage is starting to feel heavy?
Episode: Crying at the Office

Crying at the Office

Crying at work is a controversial professional topic. Is it good or bad? Does it depend on if you are a man or woman? Does it matter if you do it privately or publically? We're both people who show em…
Episode: Letting Go

Letting Go

In our last half of this episode, we were taking stock. In part two, we are letting go. No shame. No guilt. No excuses.
Episode: Cautionary Tales

Cautionary Tales

What do you wish you would have done 10 years ago? What are your regrets? What great piece of advice would you give a friend or colleague? Well, what are you going to do about it now?
Episode: Rebranding


Big changes equal big news! A brand is not something you put on or pretend to be. It should be a direct reflection of who you are. Which makes a rebrand a soul-searching, schedule-wrenching, goal-al…