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Episode: The Inevitability of Busy

The Inevitability of Busy

It's inevitable that there are more demands on your time than you can realistically handle. If your business, projects and family schedules are anything like ours, your calendar is often full to the b…
Episode: Vulnerability in Leadership

Vulnerability in Leadership

Why do we treat vulnerability like it's a negative thing? Saying "I don't know" and "I need help" seems like the purview of our young kids, not grown-up women in leadership. But let's be honest: somet…
Episode: Who Left Me In Charge?

Who Left Me In Charge?

This episode, we're welcoming a special guest: Democratic nominee from Michigan House District 68 Sarah Anthony. As Chair of the Ingham County Board of Commissioners, Sarah was the youngest African-Am…
Episode: Difficult Decisions

Difficult Decisions

Have you ever had a decision to make where all available choices seem bad? Or one where you truly don't know the right answer? Us too. Truth is, the further you get in your career (or life) the more w…
Episode: Impatience is a Virtue

Impatience is a Virtue

Genetically, we are both in the shallow end of the patience pool. As creatives we have big ideas and are driven by results, so it can be a challenge to wait for all the steps between A and Z. Are entr…
Episode: We Hate Sales and Prospecting, Too

We Hate Sales and Prospecting, Too

It's safe to say that many of us in creative services would prefer to talk about something other than sales. Anything other than sales. But the fact of the matter is, prospecting keeps our businesses …
Episode: When Employees Lie, Cheat and Steal

When Employees Lie, Cheat and Steal

When you've invited someone into your business—your home—and they betray you, it sucks. There's really no other way to say it. We've both been burned. Does it affect how you do business? Does it a…
Episode: Transparency


What does transparency bring to relationships? We've worked with organizations where the world is wide open, as well as those who are all veils and secrecy. Today we want to share some thoughts on the…