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Managing creativity and business? We probably have an opinion on that.

In the creative industry we're taught to put on a winning face and make it look like we have it all together, even when we don't. Speak Easy is here to challenge that norm, and to foster a conversation about the challenges that experienced women business owners in the creative industry face.

Because let's face it, we're not perfect.

We have been exploring the never-ending question of "how do you do this?" for a while. We've leaned on each other for answers to our common stumbling blocks—as leaders, business owners, mothers, and creatives. We're lucky to be able to be honest with each other—our industries are related but we aren't competitors. That's about the closest you get to finding someone who "gets" you and gets the constant struggle and constant insecurities. You'd think after all these years and decades it would get easy. But, no. We've realized that if we need that kind of support, then a lot of other women probably do too.

It's exhausting faking it—we're ready to share our insight and learn from our audience too.

We will share stories of how we got started, where we are now, and what obstacles life has thrown us along the way. We're here to give you the raw truth about the struggles and give you insights into how we make it all work.