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Mezcal-lovers will rejoice, and the uninitiated are in for a wonderful first impression. All parts of this cocktail play beautifully together — there’s smoky, sweet, sour, and bitter. Our Naked & Famous can be enjoyed by anyone above the drinking limit, even if you’re clothed and obscure.
Some might find scotch inaccessible due to its acquired, peaty taste. We offer you the Rusty Compass as an introduction (or reintroduction) to bourbon’s cousin in hopes of extending your palate. It’s similar to an Old Fashioned, albeit a bit smokier, and the cherry liqueur rounds it out for a nice finish. And if you don’t like it, don’t give up; taste buds are supposed to evolve every seven years or something, right?
The Saint Florent is something like a fancy cross between an Aperol Spritz and a French 75. It’s a little sweet, a little bitter, and fairly potent thanks to the gin. Between its flavor and beautiful orange hue, this cocktail will surely impress at your next dinner party.
The jury’s still out on whether Duke of Earl was a real person, but we do know this: it was a number one hit rock song in 1962, and it makes for a hell of a cocktail in 2022. The drink is named for its most forward ingredient, Earl Grey tea, while the gin takes a back seat. Like way-back-facing-out-the-rear-in-an-old-station-wagon back seat. It’s delicious, all the same, with fizz and a floral outro from the lavender.
Just like gratitude, champagne (or your bubbles of choice) need not only be reserved for the holidays. When you really feel like celebrating, whether it’s the fact you got dressed today or that the sun’s shining, give Champagne Punch a try. It’s got antioxidants — so it’s basically healthy — and it has bubbly — so it’s definitely delicious. No bad vibes or scurvy in sight.
Named after the Pink Floyd album, Division Bell hits all the right notes as a mezcal-forward, refreshing concoction. Full-bodied and complex, this cocktail is just as intriguing as it is orange. Grapefruit and maraschino liqueur combine to suggest a wintry, seasonal twist that isn't too sweet — it's a surprising flavor that will come in handy as we begin to enter these colder months.

Sure, we appreciate the craft of a complex cocktail as much as the next person. But sometimes, there’s just no need for extravagance. Sometimes there’s just no time. With the Jack Honey Smash, you spare no pleasure in sparing ingredients, which leads to some questions. Is it delightful because it’s simple? Or is it simple because it’s delightful? I guess there’s only one way to find out.
The Peach Me is a twist on the classic old fashioned — a twist that many might find to be impossibly tasty. Woodford Reserve bourbon married with peach schnapps, at first glance, seems like a union destined for disaster. But in fact they’re a power couple. The sweetness of the schnapps milds the smokiness of the bourbon, like a jaded cynic who finally found their one true love. We’re not saying the old fashioned needs fixing — we’re just saying it might be time to try something new.
Sometimes we all need a good cry, but adding more fuel to the fire isn’t the wisest decision. So we crafted an Orange Blossom Highball mocktail, full of bubbles to uplift your spirit. Like a situation surrounding the need to cry, the honey syrup is complex, but it’s not too sweet. Take it with you in the shower, or let it all pour out with some friends on the couch. Either way the result is cool, refreshing relief.
The beauty of the mule is its adaptability. You can ask five different people their favorite type, and you’ll certainly get five different answers.

Our Lavender Moscow Mule uses ginger tea instead of the traditional ginger beer, providing a subtle, yet complex flavor. The taste of lavender is delicate — just pleasant enough to add interest to the drink while keeping it refreshing. And, of course, there’s the classic combination of lemon and ginger which, at the very least, provides the guise of being healthy.
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