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It’s tax season, so what better way to celebrate than with a cocktail? The Income Tax is a citrus-forward, flavorful drink whose key ingredients include gin, dry and sweet vermouth, freshly squeezed orange juice, and bitters. It is simple, boozy concoction to help get you through Tax Day.
Say cheers to spring with the Lavender Lemon Drop Martini. This vodka-based drink blends aromatic lavender and tangy lemon for each refreshing sip. Gather your ingredients and upgrade your martini this week. Let’s lift our glasses and enjoy the warmer days ahead!
The Clover Club is a pink drink with just the right amount of tanginess and frothiness. We have two secrets to make this drink even better: First, if you have the time, consider making homemade grenadine. Once you do, you’ll never go back. Second, be careful how you shake — try doing the first shake without ice to make the egg whites extra frothy. Then, add ice for the second shake to chill it off. However you shake it, the Clover Club is a delightful drink that tastes just as good as it looks.
The Pear & Elderflower Collins can be summed up in two words: fresh and floral. This well-rounded cocktail perfectly balances the combination of pear, elderflower, honey, lemon, and cinnamon — all in one bubbly sip. Don’t let the amount of ingredients prevent you from giving it a try. It’s easy to make, and even easier to sip.
Penicillin was the cure of the 20th century, but this cocktail just might be the cure of the 21st century. With the unpredictable Midwest weather, it’s almost impossible not to come down with a cold. Let’s boost our immune systems with some natural remedies. Mix your scotch, lemon juice, honey syrup, ginger, and you’ll be healed. (Or, at least you’ll feel healed.)
It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, some days you need to keep it simple. Our Salty Dog calls for three ingredients: gin, grapefruit juice, and salt. It doesn’t get easier than that! This drink is all things sweet and salty, but watch out — you may want more than one.
Named after a 1927 French magazine – the Boulevardier encompasses old-time flavor. Although created during the time of prohibition, the bourbon is strong with subtle hints of citrus. Combine all the booze, strain over ice, garnish with an orange twist, and you’ll go back in time.
Indulge in the unexpected this year with a Cinnamon Mezcal Margarita. We know it sounds out of the ordinary from your typical marg, but don’t knock it until you try it. With layers of lime, cinnamon, and smoky Mezcal, this cocktail is the kick you need to start off 2023 on the right foot. It's an un-margarita-ble experience.
If our guest Amber Clark had to describe herself in one word, it would be bubbly. In her honor, we’re sipping on a sparkly, gin-based drink. The Bubbly Gimlet balances gin, lime, syrup, and club soda for a crisp twist on the classic gin and tonic. The refreshing and effervescent flavors will have you solving puzzles like Amber in no time.
If you’re in the mood for a boozy dessert with a kick to get you out of a burnout cycle, you’ll fall in love with this cocktail. This rich, mocha-flavored martini is a tasty treat to sip on while you organize your life. If you make this in the evening, we recommend considering switching to decaf. But if you need a boost of energy like we sure do, a little regular espresso goes a long way.
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