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For all the crafty folks out there, our Rosemary Tangerine Cocktail is just for you. There’s truly a process to this drink, it’s not just a throw-some-ingredients-in-a-shaker-and-shake situation. We’re talking about caramelizing a tangerine — some real food chemistry action. More power to you if you just want a rum and coke, but nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.
Mezcal-lovers will rejoice, and the uninitiated are in for a wonderful first impression. All parts of this cocktail play beautifully together — there’s smoky, sweet, sour, and bitter. Our Naked & Famous can be enjoyed by anyone above the drinking limit, even if you’re clothed and obscure.
Look no further for excitement than the Verbena. Its X-factor ingredient, the Szechuan button, is a tiny flower with palate-altering powers. It creates numbing, tingling sensations on the tongue, and changes the way we taste flavors. Sometimes, all you need is a change of perspective.
The beauty of the mule is its adaptability. You can ask five different people their favorite type, and you’ll certainly get five different answers.

Our Lavender Moscow Mule uses ginger tea instead of the traditional ginger beer, providing a subtle, yet complex flavor. The taste of lavender is delicate — just pleasant enough to add interest to the drink while keeping it refreshing. And, of course, there’s the classic combination of lemon and ginger which, at the very least, provides the guise of being healthy.
Just like gratitude, champagne (or your bubbles of choice) need not only be reserved for the holidays. When you really feel like celebrating, whether it’s the fact you got dressed today or that the sun’s shining, give Champagne Punch a try. It’s got antioxidants — so it’s basically healthy — and it has bubbly — so it’s definitely delicious. No bad vibes or scurvy in sight.
The French 75 is a favorite among many, including us, but we’ve found a way to make it more sustainable. In this mocktail version, we removed the booze without losing the fun or flavor. San Pellegrino’s Limonata soda plays a stellar role in this drink, creating the perfect balance between sweet and tart.
The Arinato introduces, perhaps, a new side to mezcal. We’re all familiar with its bold taste, but this cocktail proves mezcal can be subtle and elegant. While its characteristic smokiness remains, it tastes more like a vodka. The mezcal is muted, but far from muzzled. However, if you find yourself in particularly glitzy mood, kick up the flavor by adding a little more Chartreuse and some grapefruit juice.
Sometimes we all need a good cry, but adding more fuel to the fire isn’t the wisest decision. So we crafted an Orange Blossom Highball mocktail, full of bubbles to uplift your spirit. Like a situation surrounding the need to cry, the honey syrup is complex, but it’s not too sweet. Take it with you in the shower, or let it all pour out with some friends on the couch. Either way the result is cool, refreshing relief.
The Rosemary Bourbon Cocktail can be described as a sweeter Old Fashioned for the modern era. It’s up to you to decide if it’s better, but there is a core ingredient that makes this cocktail stiff competition. Rosemary Honey Syrup, as easy to make as simple syrup, provides that sweet, almost nostalgic taste while the woodsy rosemary remains subtle and distinguished.
The Saint Florent is something like a fancy cross between an Aperol Spritz and a French 75. It’s a little sweet, a little bitter, and fairly potent thanks to the gin. Between its flavor and beautiful orange hue, this cocktail will surely impress at your next dinner party.
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