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Episode: Lovin' Thyme

Lovin' Thyme

Great things come in pairs, like lavender and thyme. Lovin' Thyme, our newest original cocktail, tastes like how sitting by a garden on a breezy summer day feels. It's also best when shared with a good partner or two.
If it's named after a unicorn, it has to be good. Our signature Happy Unicorn is a mythical mix of gin, elderflower, bitters and lemon. Ideal for springtime patio sitting.
Episode: Mint Julep

Mint Julep

A classic just in time for the Derby. You can adjust the sugar measurements to your taste preference. We like to use brown sugar cubes when we find them.
This cocktail is a perfect balance of sweet and bubbly poured over crushed ice. Try it in a pitcher for sharing. It'll save you all those trips to the bar.
We're not usually rum drinkers, however, the combination of rum and pomegranate makes this drink exceptionally tasty.
Episode: La Capirucha

La Capirucha

Prickly pear is one of those fruits that we don't consume often enough. Made into a syrup and mixed with mezcal, well we might change our minds. We're not so sure about that salt rim, so if you're not into smokey worms, we suggest you skip it and opt for a traditional salt rim.
Episode: Blood and Sand

Blood and Sand

This is one of the tastiest cocktails to date. It's also a beauty to look at. We'd love to get a pitcher of this and share with you all.
Episode: Aviation


Aviation was created before Prohibition and was lost for a moment then returned as one of the classics. Its taste is as bright and fun as its color.
This beauty was first invented at the Detroit Athletic Club. The combined elements are the perfect blend you'll want to have every day.
Episode: Sidecar


A favorite during the Prohibition era, the Sidecar is a fruity, sweet and dry cocktail that’s easy to drink and a delight to sip.