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Pour a drink (pg 5)

Episode: Phoenix


Phoenix is just like an employee review: It's bold in delivering honest flavor, but packs in some sweetness to round it all out. Old Forester Statesman Bourbon Whiskey and Prosecco are a new combination that we ended up falling in love with. Add in ginger syrup and a dash of honey, and you've got the perfect, simple whiskey drink to complement any employee feedback conversation.
We've got to admit, we never would've thought to mix chives with mango juice. But as it turns out, great things come from unexpected combinations. With Cruzan coconut rum and a mix of orange, pineapple and mango juices, Pineapple Mango Punch offers a symphony of fruit flavor that makes you feel like you're relaxing at the beach (even when you aren't). It's a spicy surprise that's anything but average.
Carter Beats the Devil is a sweet, smoky tequila drink that will make you crave a side of chips and salsa. Considered a modern Bay Area classic, this cocktail shakes things up with Thai chili tincture and Espolòn Reposado Tequila. Word of warning, this drink is a tad spicy–go easy on the chili tincture if you prefer a slightly smoother experience.
In the spirit of made-up words, a beertail is the best of both worlds. Raspberry Snakebite, a unique liqueur and beer drink, is a refreshing way to enjoy a dense porter. Crème de cassis liqueur brings incredibly sweet black currant flavor, while Raspberry lambic beer (such as Lindemans Framboise) adds a bit of a bite. Add some club soda if you want to smooth out the flavor and keep the drinks coming.
Episode: Sangria


Sangria is constantly evolving. No two batches taste quite the same. Though everyone has their own signature recipe, this take on the classic Spanish sangria is our favorite version. Cinnamon adds a unique surprise, and the optional soda water enhances the flavor. Throw in some oranges, green apples and peaches and find a sunny spot to sip.
Episode: Sbagliato


Happy accidents make for amazing drinks. In Italian, "sbagliato" means "mistake." As the story goes, the inventor of this cocktail mistakenly grabbed sparkling wine instead of gin–and the rest is history. Smooth with just the right amount of bitter, Sbagliato is proof that mistakes can be delicious.
Some drinks are so classically immaculate that there's nothing to critique–and you can't go wrong with a Tom Collins. Hendrick's gin, lemon juice, orange juice, club soda and a hint of sugar blend to create a quintessential go-to cocktail that's smooth but tough. (Just like you.)
Episode: London Fog Latte

London Fog Latte

Lavender, vanilla and brown sugar? Definitely our cup of tea. London Fog Latte is a sweet, versatile mocktail that would pair with a morning email scan or an evening reminiscing with old friends. Bitter notes of Earl Grey tea balance out the sweetness, and a sprinkle of dried lavender adds another layer of complexity with a calming aroma and aftertaste.
The only thing constant is change, and cocktails. Kiwi Lime Magic Mint transitions from a deep purple to a vibrant blue when stirred, delivering bright, fruity flavor. Butterfly pea flower-infused vodka is behind the color-changing science, and also delivers an earthy undertone to the kiwi, lime and mint. Like most things, it’s beautiful on its own but tastes even better after you stir it up.
Episode: Stargazer


Sometimes a recipe for success comes from the most unlikely ingredients. A modern-day piña colada, the Stargazer is a soft and sweet wine cocktail best served on the rocks. Kraken black spiced rum provides a strong kick of flavor, while the sweetness of Game of Thrones Wines's chardonnay, vanilla and citrus softens out the finish.