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From RAM Cellars in Portland, Oregon, Viv is named after the French root word meaning “to live, to be alive.” It also happens to be short for Vivianne, the name of the winery’s founder and winemaker who came “alive” as they came out as transgender in 2018. For every sale of the bottle, RAM Cellars donates $5 to organizations that support queer and transgender people. Viv is a petit verdot with an earthy, spicy flavor. Rich yet grounded and full of life, to be sure.
It’s a summertime classic, but with a twist. In our Aperol Spritz 2.0, we swapped prosecco for gin, adding just a little bite to a refreshing cocktail. I mean, can you name a more iconic duo than citrus and gin?
Episode: Cleo


Hibiscus flowers, agave nectar, and dragon fruit powder — ingredients that suggest some sort of mythical quest is at hand. The Cleo does not require the slaying of fire-breathing beasts, but some mild exploration may be needed to gather all the cocktail’s elements. At its core, the Cleo is your trusty tequila+lime+agave drink, but the dragon fruit, despite its name, adds a subtle dimension of flavor for an exciting twist on a classic.
This one’s for the people on a mission. The type of people you want in your corner. The people who get things done. Like an everyday warrior, the cocktail of the same name is steady and well-balanced — straightforward and honest. With Buffalo Trace bourbon, a bourbon aged for a minimum of eight years, you’ll find there’s some complexity there, too.
Episode: Verbena


Look no further for excitement than the Verbena. Its X-factor ingredient, the Szechuan button, is a tiny flower with palate-altering powers. It creates numbing, tingling sensations on the tongue, and changes the way we taste flavors. Sometimes, all you need is a change of perspective.
Pineapple and chamomile tea are not your usual co-conspirators, in flavor or philosophy. The golden fruit is acidic and tart, containing flesh-eating enzymes. On the other hand, chamomile is a calming herb historically used as a remedy for inflammation and gastrointestinal ailments. But together, in our Pineapple Chamomile Lemonade, they coalesce into a surprisingly well-balanced mocktail. You’re not the only one that contains multitudes.
For all the crafty folks out there, our Rosemary Tangerine Cocktail is just for you. There’s truly a process to this drink, it’s not just a throw-some-ingredients-in-a-shaker-and-shake situation. We’re talking about caramelizing a tangerine — some real food chemistry action. More power to you if you just want a rum and coke, but nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.
It’s one thing to order a six-part, seven-step drink at a bar — but at home? Sometimes you just need to keep it simple, silly. Like real simple. Our Ruby Red Mimosas call for three ingredients: two of which are mandatory. All you need is grapefruit juice, some bubbly, and sliced limes — if you're feeling ambitious. These mimosas are tasty, tarty, and healthy (probably).
Mezcal-lovers will rejoice, and the uninitiated are in for a wonderful first impression. All parts of this cocktail play beautifully together — there’s smoky, sweet, sour, and bitter. Our Naked & Famous can be enjoyed by anyone above the drinking limit, even if you’re clothed and obscure.
Episode: Llama Palama

Llama Palama

Spring has sprung and the weather is warming. Our Llama Palama mocktail is a tasty, green tea-based drink that will ease your transition from the winter chill into a light, breezy mindset. Between the mint leaves and lime juice, you’re in for a fresh flavor with an exciting tart.