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Pour a drink (pg 5)

This cocktail mixes scotch, whiskey and Pimm's with lime and agave to create one strong concoction of a cocktail. With a flavor profile this strong, it's easy to see how The Leading Role got its name. The Leading Role demands to be heard (tasted?) and doesn't disappoint. The lime juice and agave nectar balance out the strong alcohol to make one easy sipping drink.
What do you get when you mix the sweetness of an orange Creamsicle with the subtle smokiness of a bonfire? This truly unique mezcal cocktail, Definite Maybe. Orange and lemon juice provide a sweet, citrusy base, and Montelobos mezcal adds the kicker with an intriguing smoky aftertaste. We may be dreaming of summer bonfires, but this drink tastes great year-round.
Fresh, minty and unlike the other cocktails we've tasted before, the Eucalyptus Martini is the definition of saying "yes" to something new. The key here is the eucalyptus syrup: It's a 1:1 simple syrup with fresh eucalyptus leaves that's easy to make. Egg whites add froth and body to the mix, and Liberator Gin contributes the punch. Get out of your comfort zone (and, you know, clear your sinuses) with this innovative recipe.
A unique blend of ginger, citrus and a bit of bitter cranberry juice, this isn't your everyday mule. The Oranberry Mule blends blood orange and cranberry flavors to bring a refreshing twist to a traditional winter drink. Whitley Neill blood orange vodka makes the combination extra special, combining Sicilian blood oranges with a mixture of spices. It's zesty, earthy and the perfect complement to a cozy night in with a good book.
Episode: The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

A delightful cocktail with three ingredients? Yes, please. The Gold Rush keeps it delightfully simple with bourbon, honey syrup and lemon juice. Old Forester 1920 Bourbon adds a bit of history to the mix, as it is the only bourbon continuously sold by the same distillery before, during and after prohibition. Add more or less bourbon to your liking, and try something new with local honey. Celebrate the small wins with this refreshingly simple cocktail.
If you know us, you know we love a good elderflower cocktail. With Liberator Gin from Valentine Distilling Co. in Detroit (one of our favorites), St. Germain's Elderflower Liqueur, ginger ale and blood orange juice, this cocktail cultivates a fresh, citrus taste that is (somehow) simultaneously festive. Garnish with thyme and slices of blood orange, and you've got yourself tropical taste in the middle of winter.
Episode: Basilico


Basil meets a potpourri of unconventional fruits to make up this peculiar and exciting cocktail, Basilico. A basil cocktail is fitting for our episode on the 80/20 Ruleā€”it's a strong herb where a little goes a long way. If you're not as big of a basil fan as we are, tone down the leaves and amp up the strawberries or other liqueurs to your liking. Fruits like peach and apple, which we don't often see in mixed drinks, are a welcome surprise any time of the year.
Zero Proof Swizzle may be a mocktail, but don't be fooled: This isn't your grandmother's fruity drink. A mix of fresh juices and tropical falernum mellow out with Fee Brothers walnut and peach bitters. The walnut bitters add a mature, smoky taste that whiskey Manhattan lovers will savor.
Looking for the perfect cider drink to round out your fall? Your quest is over. The Stone Fence is a delightfully simple rum and cider cocktail that delivers complexity without the fuss. While we don't typically consider cider to be a refreshing drink, the mint sprig adds an interesting twist that creates a crisp aftertaste. If our episode has you in the mood for a big change, try swapping out the mint for cloves and drinking this one warm.
Episode: Dr. Rieux

Dr. Rieux

When the ingredients are difficult to pronounce, you know the cocktail is going to be good. Dr. Rieux blends dry Calvados and Coppercraft Distillery rum for a strong drink that's sour but sweet, complete with a sugary rim. A kick of citrus in the aftertaste makes for a complex autumn cocktail that still evokes the faint memory of summer.