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Episode: Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

We usually think of a Bloody Mary as a morning cocktail. But it can also be just the drink you need when everything gets a little messy. Our recipe includes a couple of our favorite Michigan-made boozes and an array of go-to garnishes, including (but not limited to) dilly beans, pearl onions, green olives and sausages.
Cucumbers are wonderful in anything. So why would a cocktail be any different? Cool Hand Cuke is an aromatic blend of muddled cucumber, gin and Pimm's, and citrus flavors. Hendrick's and cucumber are a natural pair, and the notes of citrus make this the ideal end-of-summer drink.
This cocktail is just like sales and prospecting: it's sweet, but it still knows how to get the job done. Though bold, The Charming Foxtale is ideal for slow-sipping while you contemplate your next sales move. It's bold and polished, with a smooth tequila base. And the Aperol brings a few unique flavors into the mix, including bitter and sweet oranges, herbs, and rhubarb.
This drink is a heavy-hitter. The olive brine meshes nicely with the dry vermouth, delivering a strong dose of saltiness and flavor. It's a martini you drink after you've (metaphorically) climbed a mountain and can see how great it is from the top.
Episode: Paloma


Before you say "I'm not a tequila drinker," try Paloma. Refreshing with all the right notes of tequila and lime juice, this drink is an upscale version of the classic margarita. And the Himalayan sea salt around the rim adds a nice, rosy touch.
Summer's here and that means patio time. This pitcher perfect vermouth-filled cocktail is light enough to drink all day and strong enough that you won't know it until it's too late. Pour that second glass at your own risk.
Citrus and vodka go so well together, and this cocktail is no exception. Add in prosecco and the day is made. A great replacement for the classic mimosa.
Episode: Lovin' Thyme

Lovin' Thyme

Great things come in pairs, like lavender and thyme. Lovin' Thyme, our newest original cocktail, tastes like how sitting by a garden on a breezy summer day feels. It's also best when shared with a good partner or two.
If it's named after a unicorn, it has to be good. Our signature Happy Unicorn is a mythical mix of gin, elderflower, bitters and lemon. Ideal for springtime patio sitting.
Episode: Mint Julep

Mint Julep

A classic just in time for the Derby. You can adjust the sugar measurements to your taste preference. We like to use brown sugar cubes when we find them.