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Pour a drink (pg 4)

This week, pour one out for the Speak Easy Podcast's third birthday! That's right - we've been recording this podcast for three years now. This week's cocktail is none other than the famous Birthday Cake Shot. Quick to make, and quicker to drink. We grabbed our favorite bottle of American Fifth Vodka to kick off our celebration. Mix with Frangelico, rim your shot glass with sugar and garnish with a lemon wedge. Happy birthday to us.
Episode: Kamikaze


This week's cocktail is a favorite of our guest Paula Herbart. While the Kamikaze is known better as a shot, with a little ice it makes the perfect summer cocktail. The Kamikaze is two parts vodka to one part triple sec with just a splash of Rose's lime juice. With so few ingredients, it's perfect for making at home. Shake it up and pour it on the rocks for the perfect boozy drink on a hot day.
Episode: Best In Show

Best In Show

This week's cocktail gets its name from not only its amazing summery taste, but also its gorgeous color. The Best In Show mixes mint, strawberry, orange and vodka with sparkling rosé for a bright drink that tastes like a guilty pleasure. Strawberry and orange add strong, fruity undertones, but the mint evens out this flavor for delightful refreshment.
Episode: Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Despite the name, this week's cocktail delivers lime and grapefruit citrus flavors, with a splash of grenadine for color. The Cherry Blossom is a gorgeous tequila drink that sips like summer. Mixed with lime and grapefruit, it has just the right amount of citrus to balance out the tequila. Pair it with our episode on client breakups, as it makes any situation a whole lot sweeter.
The East India Gimlet is a gin drink with a bright, lime citrus flavor. A balance of sophistication and brightness, this recipe mixes London Dry Gin and Rose's Lime Cordial to create a fresh, dilly flavor. The taste is strongest when this drink is chilled, so shake this cocktail well with ice for a drink that’s so refreshing you'll make it all summer long.
Episode: The Willis

The Willis

Named after our guest Rachel Willis, The Willis is a mocktail that still packs a punch. Grove 42 Seedlip (a nonalcoholic spirit), grenadine, club soda and a splash of OJ come together to make this drink fun and flavorful. And, of course, you can always modify the recipe by adding the booze of your choice without sacrificing the taste. With a beautiful red-orange color and a smooth taste, what's not to like?
The Hemingway Daiquiri is the perfect drink for mixing sophistication with a taste of electric citrus. White rum and Luxardo make this much fancier than your typical daiquiri, while lime juice and grapefruit juice make it just as easy to drink. This curious cocktail is the perfect companion drink to a good book (or podcast).
Episode: The Man of War

The Man of War

Looking for the perfect drink to give you some liquid courage? Look no further than the Man of War. This smooth whiskey drink uses Cointreau and fresh squeezed lemon juice to give it a rich citrus undertone. The drink is sweet but not overly so, and is perfectly garnished with some flavorful bourbon cherries.
Since the beginning of the Speak Easy Podcast, this the first week when we haven't had a cocktail. Access to the grocery store is limited. And sometimes you simply need to grab a bottle of whatever is close and comforting in order to keep things simple. So as you tune into our episode on leadership during a crisis, stay inside and grab a bottle of whatever the hell you have on hand.
Life is what you make it–and so is Fleur of the Valley, the perfect spring cocktail. Made with American Fifth vodka, this drink blends pureed strawberries with basil and a splash of lemon juice. It may sound sweet now, but it's what you make it! For a dryer version, top it with a splash (or a few splashes) of Prosecco. Need to sweeten things up? Add some simple syrup. Either way, Fleur of the Valley is versatile, customizable and refreshing.