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Pour a drink (pg 9)

If you're looking for the perfect cocktail to help you unwind this fall, we've got the drink for you. The Nouveau Sangaree is a smooth, light drink that brings an autumnal twist to the classic sangria. Wine, apple brandy, and gin create a dry, strong base. Finished with grated cinnamon spices up the cocktail. Strain it all in a martini glass, curl up with a blanket and a good book, and enjoy this perfectly seasonal sangria.
Episode: Mezcalita


Shake up your normal margarita recipe with some Mezcal and Tajin. The Mezcalita is the perfect intro to mezcal if you've never tried it before; the smokiness of Del Maguey Vida Mezcal combines with the citrus flavors of the lime and orange for a drink far superior than your typical margarita. Rim your glass with lime and Tajin and impress your friends with this fun twist on a classic drink.
Episode: Bourbon Sour

Bourbon Sour

We're transitioning into fall with a Bourbon Sour. This cozy cocktail is mixes in maple syrup and lemon juice, and is garnished with a cherry and orange peel for extra flavor. The bourbon will warm you up while the weather cools down, and the aromatics of the lemon and orange will invite you in for more. The maple syrup is just enough to take the sharp edge off the bourbon and give each sip a sweet simple syrup undertone. With only three ingredients, you won't regret trying out this delicious drink.
Inman Family Wines knows a thing or two about efficiency and cutting waste. Located in Santa Rosa, California, Inman Family Wines aims to be waste-free. In fact, 98% of their electricity requirements are solar powered, they repurpose all waste water to be used for vineyard irrigation and they use compost to fertilize their vineyard. We chose Endless Crush, their smooth and dry rosé made from Pinot Noir. This wine pairs perfectly with our episode on efficiency. Grab a glass, pour chilled and don't waste a drop of this drink!
Looking for a refreshing mocktail to help make your work day go by just a little faster? Look no further. The Hibiscus Tea Sparkler is easy to make and perfect for tea lovers and cocktail lovers alike. Its gorgeous pink color and crisp taste will make this recipe your new favorite summer drink. Want to make an alcoholic version? Try adding a splash of vodka. No matter how you make it, you definitely need to give it a try.
Episode: Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm

If there's one thing we learned during self-quarantine, it's how to make a good drink at home. One of our latest favorites is Tiger Balm: a tequila and lime cocktail that packs a citrus punch, but goes down easy. Made with Oleo-Saccharum, a citrus-infused simple syrup, this cocktail is just exotic enough to help you get away from it all for a brief moment.
Can't make up your mind about what you want to drink? We've got you covered with this week's cocktail, America's Cup. This drink has a little bit of everything, based on a strong foundation of gin and bourbon. Mixed with sweet vermouth, orange bitters, ginger beer, lemon, orange and lime, this drink has it all. Garnish with a sweet cherry and a sprig of mint and this cocktail will have you feeling like you can achieve anything.
This week, pour one out for the Speak Easy Podcast's third birthday! That's right - we've been recording this podcast for three years now. This week's cocktail is none other than the famous Birthday Cake Shot. Quick to make, and quicker to drink. We grabbed our favorite bottle of American Fifth Vodka to kick off our celebration. Mix with Frangelico, rim your shot glass with sugar and garnish with a lemon wedge. Happy birthday to us.
Episode: Kamikaze


This week's cocktail is a favorite of our guest Paula Herbart. While the Kamikaze is known better as a shot, with a little ice it makes the perfect summer cocktail. The Kamikaze is two parts vodka to one part triple sec with just a splash of Rose's lime juice. With so few ingredients, it's perfect for making at home. Shake it up and pour it on the rocks for the perfect boozy drink on a hot day.
Episode: Best In Show

Best In Show

This week's cocktail gets its name from not only its amazing summery taste, but also its gorgeous color. The Best In Show mixes mint, strawberry, orange and vodka with sparkling rosé for a bright drink that tastes like a guilty pleasure. Strawberry and orange add strong, fruity undertones, but the mint evens out this flavor for delightful refreshment.