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Pour a drink (pg 11)

This classic recipe is by New York bartender Jeremy Oertel of Death & Co. It's simple, yet deliciously complex.
Who said mojitos are only a summer thing? The combination of freshly harvested apples and the ever fragrant cinnamon make this drink the right choice for the breezy days of fall. Try it warm for those super cool nights.
The hint of spice from the rum and the ginger and the sweetness of the rum itself make this perfect excuse to toast to fall
Episode: French 75

French 75

Gin and champagne with a hint of citrus. Yes, please. How else would you celebrate?
This is the most refreshing cocktail we've ever had. Also, that color from muddling the watermelon makes the best pinkish sunset-like hue.
Episode: Frosé


This is the equivalent of an adult Slurpee. In a better vessel and for a more sophisticated palette. Rosé is the go-to drink at the end of summer, on a patio. This just takes it up a notch.
Episode: Citra IPA

Citra IPA

A homemade Citra IPA brew for those hot, summer days.
Crisp, light, and refreshing this is the perfect summer pour.