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Episode: Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

The quintessential recovery drink? A Tequila Sunrise, of course. Picture yourself on a beach and let the tide wash away your stress and hardship with this go-to cocktail. We keep it simple with Patrón Silver tequila, orange juice and grenadine. Karen recommends organic maraschino cherries for an authentic cherry taste. (And a tiny umbrella is optional.)
Though seasoned bartenders may disagree, there's no cocktail recipe rulebook. Sage Brown Derby thwarts the rules with a delicious yet unlikely combination: whiskey and grapefruit. Woodford Reserve Rye Whiskey, grapefruit juice and agave blend to create a slow-sipping drink that's ideal for a cozy evening at home.
Episode: Humble Pie

Humble Pie

When you take a long, honest look at your reputation, humility is key. Luckily you can always whip up a glass of Humble Pie. A fizzy mixture of Aperol, fresh lemon juice and blood orange Vodka, this striking orange drink is reminiscent of a boozy Italian soda on a summer's day.
Nothing screams "fake it till you make it" quite like Love Potion No. 9. (Luckily, this version doesn't smell like turpentine like the one in the song.) Pink lemonade, Aviation American Gin, orange bitters and a splash of grenadine come together to create a syrupy sweet cocktail designed for slow sipping. Add a little more pink lemonade if you'd like to smooth out the flavor.
When you're immersed in a rigorous project, you might want to grab a beer without fussing over a cocktail. But rigor doesn't have to be boring. Citrusy and earthy, Short's Brewing Company's Huma Lupa Licious is rounded out with a malt aftertaste. Short's is no stranger to rigor; the company has grown significantly over the past 15 years, producing about thirty thousand barrels of craft beer annually. (You’ve got to have barrels full of rigor to grow at that rate.)
Episode: Buenos Dias

Buenos Dias

Many of us write out plans with a cup of coffee in hand—why not make it a coffee mocktail? Say good morning with Buenos Dias, a mocktail recipe that comes to us from The Cascade Room in Vancouver. The dark, bitter coffee taste adds a hint of complexity to this non-alcoholic drink, while mango and cilantro provide a refreshing, fruity balance. With a touch of caffeine, this mocktail will help you get down to business and start planning ahead.
Episode: Nellie Kuh

Nellie Kuh

Nothing jump starts our creative muscle quite like a whiskey drink that thinks outside the box. Nellie Kuh brings together a concoction of unlikely flavors to create a fresh perspective; Woodford Reserve Rye whiskey contributes rich notes of clove, molasses and honey without overwhelming the more subtle flavors from crystallized ginger sugar, orange flower water and lime. Fresh but strong, it's a slow sipper that will help you crank out those new creative projects you've been putting on hold.
Episode: La Rosette

La Rosette

Resilience is all about confidence, optimism and risk-taking. All of which can be brought to you by La Rosette. This blend of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and Michigan-made MAWBY's dry rosé is delicate, yet strong enough to get those creative ideas rolling. The rosé brings fruit aromas and a blend of pinot noir, chardonnay and muscat grapes into the mix, while St. Germain brings notes of lemon and jasmine. Add some soda if you want to give this cocktail an even fresher flavor.
It's true for both wine and work: just because something's different than what we're used to doesn't mean it can't be delightful. We've come to accept that wine from a screw cap bottle can be just as legit as that from a fancy cork. And drinking Forty Ounce Wine's rosé, you'd never know it came out of a 40 oz. bottle. The wine itself is made by hand in France, using sustainable farming methods, and the oversized, screw cap bottle is ideal for sharing on the go (or stashing in a big purse).
The holiday season is upon us. Chai Bourbon Sour, another craft cocktail from the experts over at American Fifth Spirits, tastes like a cozy evening by the fireplace feels. The recipe combines their Chai Bourbon with house-made simple syrup, lemon, lime, and egg whites for a balanced, slow sipping experience. It's the quintessential festive drink that can still pack a punch.