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Pour a drink

This Thanksgiving mimosa adds a seasonal twist to the classic brunch beverage, making it a perfect choice for toasting to gratitude and good times with family and friends. Cranberry juice and apple cider bring the cozy, spiced favors we expect from Thanksgiving, while effervescent sparkling wine champagne aids a crispness to this refreshing drink. This cocktail works as a dessert cocktail, but we’ve found it also pairs well with leftovers.
The Maple Old Fashioned is subtle, sweet, and just right for fall. Shifting away from a traditional Old Fashioned, this cocktail uses dark rum as its primary spirit, allowing for the flavor of the maple syrup to shine while counterbalancing the syrupy thickness. When mixing this drink, take a “less is more” approach until you reach the perfect balance.
This week’s cocktail couldn’t be simpler. Kahlua and vodka combine to create a slightly sweet, rich drink that has a smooth finish. Vodka brings a neutral flavor, letting the coffee notes in the Kahlua be the hero flavor of this classic cocktail. The Black Russian is simple, refreshing, and an easy win after a long day.
The Pimm’s Cup proves fruity drinks have a place in fall. This gin-based cocktail uses lemon juice and fruit garnishes to create a herbal, fruity drink that’s refreshing without being sweet. Plus, this simple yet high-quality recipe is easy to mix in a glass or scale up to a pitcher, making it an obvious standard for entertaining or drinks for one.
This cocktail uses a unique liquor to create an elevated twist on the Whiskey Sour. Pama pomegranate liqueur gives this fruit-forward drink its sweet taste and vibrant ruby color, while the lemon juice and bourbon gives it a tart finish without being too overpowering. When making this cocktail, be selective of the brand of liquor you use so the pomegranate flavor of this drink gets its due.
New Holland’s signature stout features roasted malt with notes of coffee and chocolate. After a three-month stay in bourbon barrels, this rich, creamy stout carries undertones of vanilla and oak. This beer is best enjoyed on a crisp fall night seated around a bonfire or, frankly, anytime life is feeling less than a piece of cake.
Episode: Fancy Whiskey

Fancy Whiskey

Despite its name, the Fancy Whiskey keeps it simple. Using a whiskey base, a citrus orange flavor comes through with the help of triple sec, sugar, and a dash of bitters. Add an orange twist to garnish, and this cocktail creates an easy opportunity to flaunt your cocktail mixing skills without any time-consuming hoops to jump through.
Episode: Michelada


This week’s cocktail squeezes some heat out of the last bit of summer. The Michelada combines the flavor of a light beer with ingredients usually found in a Bloody Mary. The beer helps tamper the heat of the cayenne pepper and hot sauce, and lime juice rounds out the savory spice of this drink. The Michelada isn’t for everyone, but we’ve found it’s best enjoyed on a late summer evening.
Episode: Summer Rye

Summer Rye

This week’s cocktail is a perfect bridge between summer and fall: the Summer Rye. Summer heat is channeled through the whiskey and St. Germain’s notes of white flowers, while the light sweetness of apple juice and champagne evoke the crisper months to come. The creative process of mixing this drink is simple yet sophisticated, and helps soothe the sting of another Michigan summer winding down.
Fans of rum punch will be delighted by the twist this Reggae Rum Punch brings. This pineapple-forward cocktail that balances the robust flavor profile of Jamaican rum with a smooth melody of strawberry and lime. Don’t wait for your next beach day to bust out this dreamy, tropical drink.