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The only thing constant is change, and cocktails. Kiwi Lime Magic Mint transitions from a deep purple to a vibrant blue when stirred, delivering bright, fruity flavor. Butterfly pea flower-infused vodka is behind the color-changing science, and also delivers an earthy undertone to the kiwi, lime and mint. Like most things, it’s beautiful on its own but tastes even better after you stir it up.

Lavender, vanilla and brown sugar? Definitely our cup of tea. London Fog Latte is a sweet, versatile mocktail that would pair with a morning email scan or an evening reminiscing with old friends. Bitter notes of Earl Grey tea balance out the sweetness, and a sprinkle of dried lavender adds another layer of complexity with a calming aroma and aftertaste.

Some drinks are so classically immaculate that there's nothing to critique–and you can't go wrong with a Tom Collins. Hendrick's gin, lemon juice, orange juice, club soda and a hint of sugar blend to create a quintessential go-to cocktail that's smooth but tough. (Just like you.)
Happy accidents make for amazing drinks. In Italian, "sbagliato" means "mistake." As the story goes, the inventor of this cocktail mistakenly grabbed sparkling wine instead of gin–and the rest is history. Smooth with just the right amount of bitter, Sbagliato is proof that mistakes can be delicious.

Fresh, minty and unlike the other cocktails we've tasted before, the Eucalyptus Martini is the definition of saying "yes" to something new. The key here is the eucalyptus syrup: It's a 1:1 simple syrup with fresh eucalyptus leaves that's easy to make. Egg whites add froth and body to the mix, and Liberator Gin contributes the punch. Get out of your comfort zone (and, you know, clear your sinuses) with this innovative recipe.
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