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Just kidding. Human resources is not terrible. But it is tricky business for small business. And emotions! There's weighing the good of the person against the good of the whole team. It's…
Big changes equal big news! A brand is not something you put on or pretend to
be. It should be a direct reflection of who you are. Which makes a rebrand a
soul-searching, schedule-…
Recognizing change can feel like a hopeless task sometimes because we're evaluating the changes in real time. But the bottom line—we must grow.
Recognition. As leaders, we recognize success and achievement in others as second nature. As individuals, we aren't great being on the receiving end—especially as women. But it's…
What do you do when everything is a priority? Do the things that take up your time align with what you should be or would like to be doing? We'll be breaking down the problem, talk about how we…
Are we still entrepreneurs? We both own established businesses–and we're successful mid-career creatives–so we don't really fit into the trendy description of a startup that seems to be all…
It’s hard to be honest. Well, not in the truest sense of the word. But if you work in creative services or are an entrepreneuer—and especially if you are a woman—you know how…
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