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Strategy Series 08: Growing Your Nonprofit With Video

Strategy Series
Strategy Series 08: Growing Your Nonprofit With Video

Video can be a powerful tool to help grow any business, but it can especially aid nonprofits. From member engagement to funding development, Karen breaks down five ways nonprofits (and other businesses) can utilize video as they move forward.

Video is often an under-utilized tool in business, especially when it comes to nonprofits. Not only can video be used to tell the story of your organization, but it can also be used in almost all marketing efforts to grow your business. Whether it's member engagement, funding development, or even public policy and advocacy, how can we can take advantage of video beyond the marketing realm?

Having worked in video her entire career, Karen is well-versed in ways we can use video as part of broader business strategies. In this week's Strategy Series episode, she discusses five out-of-the-box ways we can use video to expand our businesses and take our work to the next level.