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Strategy Series 06: Building Trust In Video

Strategy Series
Strategy Series 06: Building Trust In Video

Trust is an essential part of producing quality client work. Not only do we need to trust our clients, but we need our clients to trust us. How can we maintain and nurture client relationships, especially when processes and schedules are constantly adjusting during uncertain times? Karen discusses the role trust plays in the video production process these days, as well as its cross-industry significance.

Trust is a key factor in any healthy relationship, but especially in client relationships. As creatives (and especially those in videography), we need to trust our client to tell us what they are looking for and what they expect, and they need to trust us to deliver on that. It doesn't end there though. We also need to trust the client's audience. When we trust that the audience will be invested in the work we are producing, that aids us in creating work in which they will be invested.

So, how do we build that trust? How do we maintain that trust and make sure that we are honoring our clients needs our and vice versa? In this Strategy Series minisode, Karen walks us through not only the importance of trust in every step of the creative process, but also how we can grow and maintain it over time.