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Strategy Series 17: The Power Of 'What If—?'

Strategy Series
Strategy Series 17: The Power Of 'What If—?'

"What if—?" is a powerful question that can lead to impactful answers. Not only does it allow us to expand the limits of what's possible, but it also allows us to problem solve. Whether it is in our personal lives or in our business, asking ourselves, "What if—?" can lead to the mindset shift we need to push ourselves further and keep moving forward in spite of any barriers.

We've all heard the age old adage, "Curiosity killed the cat." Still, as entrepreneurs, we're familiar with the addition to the phrase: "But satisfaction brought it back." Sure, there are risks that come along with being inquisitive. But there is true satisfaction (and, ultimately, success) in asking the hard questions and keeping our curiosity alive.

In this Strategy Series, Karen explores the power of asking "What if—?" She discusses how breaking down barriers of possibility helped guide her professional life, and how curiosity holds power both in our businesses and in our personal lives. How can we remember to ask ourselves this simple question to better reach out potential?