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Recognition. As leaders, we recognize success and achievement in others as second nature. As individuals, we aren't great being on the receiving end—especially as women. But it's complicated. It is only right and fair to accept recognition for our achievements. We deserve it.

One thing we can both agree on—giving recognition is easy. But accepting it is next to impossible. If you find yourself saying things like "it's no big deal," or "it was nothing" when someone gives you a compliment, then you definitely know what we're struggling with. How do you successfully communicate your value in a way that feels authentic and accurate, yet not boastful?

And why do we struggle with this, anyway? In this episode, we explore the why, and what we can do to get comfortable both receiving the recognition we've earned and practicing effective self-promotion.

Ooh, and we sip on a very delish Frosé. (Summer, don't leave us yet!)