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Pressure-Testing Your Brand

Pressure-Testing Your Brand

For the past few years, we’ve been living in a time where change happens fast. Norms around business practices, personal space, and education are all different than they were just three years ago. And, so too, are our brands: what they stand for, what they promise, and what our clients and audiences can expect. That’s why pressure-testing these brands is essential to keep pace with change.

Culture within a business reflects company values. However, with many changes occurring over the past few years, we have an opportunity to step back and reform our businesses to become the best they can be. This presents itself as encouraging our employees and clients to step out of their comfort zone – but how can we make this happen?

We start with the hard questions. Challenge your employees and clients to think about the company's values alongside tangible goals. Does your business need a vision? How do you create a productive company culture? What does your company need to become the best it can be? We cover it all in this episode.