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Changing Careers And Running The Show–Featuring Guest Lis Weston

Changing Careers And Running The Show–Featuring Guest Lis Weston

We've both said that if we weren't business owners in creative services that our skills would still translate to other fields. The same is true of our friend Lis Weston. She changed careers and brings a business perspective to running two nonprofits, while having an insider's look on the next generation of working women.

To get something right, sometimes you have to flip your perspective on the topic altogether. This episode we welcome a new guest: Lis Weston, a versatile businesswoman and executive director who brings a business-centric brain to education at Early Child Care Center in Lansing, Michigan.

Lis knows a thing or two about the value of an outsider's perspective. Over the course of her career, Lis translated skills from one field to the next. After starting out in the nonprofit education sector, she earned an MBA, worked at a large for-profit company, and eventually landed in the executive director role at EC3.

Lis shares stories and lessons from her winding career path: how her diverse professional experience gave her an edge in her current career, her unique spin on work-life balance, and why she refuses to be pigeonholed as a female executive.