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Moving Forward (Literally And Figuratively) — Part Two

Moving Forward (Literally And Figuratively) — Part Two

We're back this week with the second installment of our two-part episode. Last episode, Karen let us in on some big moves that she was making at Render Studios, and this week we're hearing about Jen's upcoming move for Redhead Design Studio. Jen shares her news and breaks down the whys of her decision making.

Last episode, Karen dove into how and why she decided to move buildings even after all the unexpected changes 2020 brought – and this week, it's Jen's turn. To some, a monumental business move might not seem like the most logical thing to do this year; but why wouldn't you take an opportunity when one presents itself?

Jen lets us in on the details of her big office move at Redhead Design Studio and why she decided to go for it. We break down the logical, quantitative reasons that lead to making big workplace decisions, but also the highly illogical and emotional reasoning behind these choices. How do we know when it's time to make a big change for our businesses? What are the challenges and benefits that come along with these transitions? All that and more in this week's episode.

Mentioned in this episode: George Nelson Building in Downtown Lansing