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Who Left Me In Charge?

Who Left Me In Charge?

This episode, we're welcoming a special guest: Democratic nominee from Michigan House District 68 Sarah Anthony. As Chair of the Ingham County Board of Commissioners, Sarah was the youngest African-American woman to serve as County Commissioner in the nation. She's also Deputy Director of Partnerships and Advocacy at the Michigan College Access Network. Impressive resume aside, Sarah's a woman with an inspiring background and even more exciting future. Together, we discuss the age-old question: who left me in charge?

It's an odd feeling when you wonder who's in charge of a certain decision, and realize that person is you. Even after decades in leadership roles, we all feel like imposters sometimes. We can get caught in our heads, over-amplify any and all shortcomings, and question how we came to be in our leadership role. But we shouldn't.

This episode's guest, Sarah Anthony, lives by a simple mantra: you belong here. Sarah writes this on the front page of every notebook she gets, so she doesn't forget. As women in leadership, why is it so difficult to remember this from time to time?

While it's important to search for constant improvement, we shouldn't question our own authority. Whether you're an intern, full-time employee or leader in your organization, chances are you deserve to be in the role you've earned. You deserve your seat at the table. But that can take some getting used to.

This episode, we tackle the infamous imposter syndrome—wondering how we got here, accepting our seat at the table, and convincing ourselves (and others) that we do, indeed, belong.