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Hiring Freelancers: When, Why, And How

Hiring Freelancers: When, Why, And How

Hiring freelancers comes with a myriad of pros and cons. On one hand, freelancers are usually more cost efficient than contracting with an agency. But, on the other, sometimes you get what you pay for. When is it best to outsource to a freelancer versus an outside agency? What do agencies offer that freelancers might not?

Freelancers have become increasingly popular in the creative industry. Not only are clients relying on them more, but agencies also outsource to freelancers in order to offer additional services to contracted clients. Freelancers often offer a niche skill set for work that is completed on a limited timeline, while agencies have the capacity to take on larger scale projects and offer a broader range of services. But, when surveying which would be best for the task at hand, getting to know an agency and getting to know a freelancer are two different beasts.

Making the decision on whether to use a freelancer, an outside agency, or your internal team for a new project can be a challenge. From a creative's standpoint, how can we identify when we should take on the project ourselves, and when we should look for additional support?

This episode, we break down the pros and cons of freelancers and agencies and outline a few tips we've learned when it comes to hiring freelance help.