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Quality and Standards: What Does Quality Mean in the Industry Right Now?

Quality and Standards: What Does Quality Mean in the Industry Right Now?

In the creative industry, there’s no shortage of helpful programs to make difficult aspects of the creative process more accessible. Whether it’s designing something in Canva, using AI-generated copy, or even using a cellphone camera to shoot video, using these tools does not inherently result in poor-quality end products. However, when people use new tools as shortcuts instead of one piece in the creative process, sloppy work is often the result. In this episode, we talk about industry standards, effective use of creative tools, and how we define “quality” in our own work.

When talking about quality and standards in the creative industry, it can be easy to miss the fact that producing work that’s “good enough” is often the result of a capacity issue. When firms have a limited budget or staff for a project, not every product can be made with expert care, so they have to settle for a deliverable that’s “good enough.” This can be a tricky cycle to get out of, as it affects every part of a business, from internal processes to the outward perception of the organization.

This is where creative tools like Canva or AI-generated work come in. These tools are intentionally intuitive so beginners can start building the muscles needed for high quality work, but when used as shortcuts to achieve “good enough” work, they stunt creative growth and quality. This week, we discuss breaking the “good enough” cycle, how to wield beginner-friendly tools effectively, and consider how much value is placed on quality in the creative industry.