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Resilience is inherent to being an entrepreneur and a creative. It's one of the things that keeps us moving forward. But what is resilience made of, and how do you get it?

We like to think successful entrepreneurs, in general, are significantly more resilient than the average person. Nothing is guaranteed in our work, and there's no safety net. The ability to bounce back from failure or critique is a necessity in order to keep things running and lead our teams forward.

But, turns out, resilience is more complex than you might think. It's not just about getting back up when you fall; it's about knowing you can get back up if (and when) you take this metaphorical fall. The knowledge of having faced adversity in the past gives us the confidence to get through it again. And again. Repeating as necessary.

But if confidence lays the foundation for resilience, how can entrepreneurs and creatives gain the unbridled optimism and risk-taking mentality required to assure themselves that it will all work out in the end? Moreover, is resilience something that can even be learned in the first place?

This episode, we unpack resilience itself: how we define it, how we use it, and why we need it to support our teams and businesses.