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Random (And Surprisingly Relevant) Thoughts From A Word Generator

Random (And Surprisingly Relevant) Thoughts From A Word Generator

In honor of our 50th episode, we decided to do something a little spontaneous and fun, using an online random word generator to tell us what to talk about. No preparation. No thoughtful planning. Just the two of us thinking (and talking) on our feet about three random topics. We're all guaranteed to laugh and maybe some nuggets of wisdom will surprise us, too.

In any industry, leaders need to be able to think on their feet. We improvise new solutions, brainstorm outside the box and go out on a limb almost daily. This episode, we're testing our improv skills with a random word generator; we find four obscure words (a noun, a verb and two adjectives) and discuss whatever comes to mind.

Turns out, most everything can relate back to our careers and goals. From how consistent examination improves our processes to how leaders always need to be on their guard, an entrepreneur's life can tie in seemingly random words.

How can leveraging spontaneity spark creativity? What do random words reveal about what we don't know? How do 50 episodes of The Speak Easy Podcast culminate into one big, random burst of wisdom?