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Case Study: ScrapFest Documentary

Case Study: ScrapFest Documentary

This week, we’re bringing another installment in our new case study series! This round, we’re talking about the ScrapFest documentary: a short film documenting the personal stories of some of the artists who participate in ScrapFest, the beloved annual Lansing art festival centered around a scrap metal sculpture competition. In this episode, we cover how the documentary came to be and take a peek into the behind-the-camera, technical process of documentary making.

Founded by David Such and Larry Bass in 2008, ScrapFest is a Lansing art festival that brings together artists from around the country to compete in a scrap metal sculpture competition. Earlier this year, Karen’s media production company, Render Studios, premiered their debut ScrapFest documentary. The film highlights various artists and their sculptures from the previous year's festival, offering viewers an immersive exploration into the creative journey of participating artists.

For our second entry into our new case study series, we offer a deep dive into the documentary and its filmmaking process. This week, Karen shares what the creative process looks like for such an endeavor, why ScrapFest has a special place in Render’s heart, and the rich narrative potential inherent in documenting the stories of artists.