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Our 100th Episode: Burning Questions

Our 100th Episode: Burning Questions

Here we are, friends. The 100th episode. To celebrate, we asked each other 100 rapid fire questions. We’ve been friends for a long while, yet we discovered a lot of new things about each other. And a lot of interesting conversations to have another day.

100 rapid fire questions for our 100th episode. We’re talking everything from mom jeans to aliens to weird food combinations. (Jen’s is really weird.) (Honestly, Karen’s is too.)

To be fair, we do dabble in some industry-related questions and heavier topics, but mostly we learned a lot of new interesting things about each other — and ourselves.

Thank you for listening to 100 episodes of our musings and making Speak Easy possible. Now make yourself a La Pina, enjoy our antics, and we’ll see you next time for 101.