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Shitcake: The Seven-Layer Cake of Our Lives

Shitcake: The Seven-Layer Cake of Our Lives

Rarely do life’s commitments stack up in nice, neat, separate layers that can each be dealt with in their own time. Despite our best efforts, commitments to family, to work, to community, and to self can feel like they crumble together, creating an overwhelming, unyielding mess. We’re pretty pleased with the metaphor we came up with to describe this struggle, even if it does bring some unsavory images to mind. In this episode, we talk about the attitude we’re adopting to stress less when digging into life’s messiness, and accept that despite outward appearances, everybody’s got a shitcake too.

Life can feel like a mess even on good days. The personal responsibilities of life that bring us joy often start to feel overwhelming when the demands for our time and energy surpass what is possible for us to give. For many people, this is where shame and self-judgment kick in, because dealing with every layer of life all at once shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Oh, if only it were that simple. Despite our best efforts, sometimes life is a shitshow, but the mess is easier to wade through when you accept it for what it is. This week, we talk about giving ourselves more grace when it comes to our expectations for the balancing of life’s layers.