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What Do You Do When Everything Is a Priority?

What Do You Do When Everything Is a Priority?

What do you do when everything is a priority? Do the things that take up your time align with what you should be or would like to be doing? We'll be breaking down the problem, talk about how we identify the real priorities and get refocused.

If everything on your to-do list feels like it should be labeled #1, you’re not alone. Staying focused on what’s really important is hard work. Jen and Karen explore that challenge in Episode 3.

Do you often find the big thinking tasks get pushed aside for today’s fire, or that the tiny tasks get in the way of the strategic work you should be doing? Or that the things you actually do in a day have nothing to do with the items on your list? This episode offers some ideas for sorting it all out and remembering what your real priorities need to be.

Priorities pairs nicely with a home-brewed Citra IPA. Check it out over in our recipes section.