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Back To Basics: B2B vs. B2C Communication

Back To Basics: B2B vs. B2C Communication

This episode, we're going back to basics – business basics. How does business-to-business communications differ from business-to-consumer marketing? We’re chatting about the nuances of marketing and communications. B2B versus B2C, business-to-government, peer-to-peer, and maybe a few more acronyms we threw in for good measure.

We're going back to B2B and B2C basics. There are countless nuances in the marketing world and, this episode, we're breaking them down. In an industry fraught with acronyms, it's imperative that we have a full understanding of what they all mean. What makes business-to-business communication unique from business-to-consumer communication? What about business-to-government, and peer-to-peer?

Whether you're new to the business-to-business world or just need a refresher, we've got a little bit of advice for everyone. Tune in as we unpack some acronyms of the business world and apply them to our own work.