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Navigating Pricing While Knowing Your Worth

Navigating Pricing While Knowing Your Worth

Some of us were raised to believe that talk about money, politics and religion had no place in polite conversation. So that means we are definitely diving into a discussion about money–pricing, specifically. We're sharpening our pencils and talking about how we derive pricing and how to communicate it.

In the creative industry, entrepreneurs often tend to avoid conversations regarding pricing. There's a delicate dance surrounding money, but getting your pricing right from the start can help avoid expensive mistakes later on.

So now, the cat's out of the (money)bag. We're getting transparent about prices: how entrepreneurs can calculate cost, choosing between price-per-task or hourly rates, and–most importantly–knowing what you're worth. We also touch on financial perceptions, and discuss that sweet spot where "premium" overlaps with value. Because, more often than not, those hush-hush conversations your mother told you not to talk about at the dinner table are conversations worth having.