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Learning New Things, Failing At Them, And Coming Out On Top

Learning New Things, Failing At Them, And Coming Out On Top

We both have a love of lifelong learning. Between Jen's serial-hobby-ness and Karen's love of diving into nonfiction books, we're both hooked. In the office and in our homes, exploring new skills and hobbies doesn't just make us happy and keep our brains sharp–it can make us better businesspeople.

While many entrepreneurs seem to have an innate sense of curiosity, we can all agree that there are times when we get stuck in our own bubbles. Repeating our tried-and-true skills objectively seems to make more sense than venturing into new areas. Why mess with a good thing, right? Because new experiences (and the failures that sometimes ensue) are what drive new ideas.

There's much to be gained from getting our hands dirty within our industries and in unrelated fields. And, personally, we love learning new random skills: pottery, Spanish, the mysteries of the universe–pretty much anything. Devoting your brain to new hobbies outside of your industry evokes a sense of excitement and wonder. You feel like a kid again.

How can we remember to get our of our comfort zones and try new things? How can failure help fuel our entrepreneurial drive? And, seriously, what makes our kids so wise? We unpack it all.