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Creating A Legacy Of Service—Featuring Guest Rachel Willis

Creating A Legacy Of Service—Featuring Guest Rachel Willis

When serving others is (literally) your job, how do you make time to serve yourself? It all comes back to individual balance, drive and keeping your bucket full. This episode's special guest Rachel Willis, vice president of regional operations at Bethany Christian Services, shares how a career in serving others and positions on multiple boards fit in with her personal life.

Rachel has been an active member of the community since childhood. Her family instilled the importance of making yourself heard, taking a seat at the table and helping those around you from early on. Rachel models these beliefs through her work every day–but how does she make time to focus on herself in a life of service?

At Bethany Christian Services, Rachel aids families and children everywhere through social services and outreach. She also serves on the Lansing School District and Lansing Regional Community Foundation boards. While managing all of this, Rachel still made time to get married, have a baby, buy a house and juggle a new work promotion–all in the span of one year. (Yep, one year. She’s pretty extraordinary.)

This week, we sit down with Rachel to discuss the importance of keeping your bucket full: filling our lives with positive thoughts and actions that yield positive outcomes. Rachel tells us how she finds her drive, keeps calm in chaos and how she intends to foster a legacy of service.

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