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Change Is Always In Season

Change Is Always In Season

Thank you Mother Nature, spring is upon us. We both love and cherish winter in Michigan, but we cherish seasons of change as well. And change brings about introspection: goal setting, possibilities, new perspectives. What do seasons of change bring you, professionally or personally? And how do you adapt?

It's been said many times before, but we'll say it again: Change is inevitable. Personally, professionally and regardless of the season, change chugs along whether we think we're ready or not. Truth is, even if we might not know it at the time, we're usually more prepared than we think.

For entrepreneurs, business is like a Michigan season. Everything can change in the blink of an eye, with snow one day and shorts and T-shirt weather the next. We'd like to say that we always love change, but let's be honest–sometimes change is just scary and we wish we could press pause for a hot second.

The key, like usual, is confidence. When we're able to remain confident that we can roll through the seasons of change and still come out on top, growing and learning from our experiences, we can get to the point where we actually enjoy the process of change. Yes, sometimes change brings us tears, bumps and bruises. But, more often, it delivers bliss and excitement. And that's what we need to keep in mind all the while.

This episode, we discuss our own seasons of change. In life and business, how can we set expectations for the unexpected?