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Fuck It, I'm Going For It Anyway

Fuck It, I'm Going For It Anyway

It seems like there are always a million reasons not to do something – but sometimes we just need to go for it anyway. What drives us to the tipping point of doing something in spite of potential negative outcomes or failure? How do we know when we should take the leap or when we should hold back a bit? We share instances when saying "fuck it" led to some of the best outcomes in our lives.

How many times have you stopped yourself from going after what you wanted? Whether it was because you were afraid of failure, rejection, or adding to workload, you probably have a million reasons. Now, how many times have you said “fuck it” and done it anyway? In spite of what others thought or the thousands of reasons not to try, you did it.

This week, we’re talking about when you should just go for it, already – whatever it is. In honor of the Speak Easy Podcast’s third birthday, we’re recapping some of the best outcomes in our life that were born out of us saying “fuck it” and trying for something new and scary. (Like starting a podcast!)

We discuss how we can get beyond the reptilian part of our brain that fears rejection in order to work for what we really want. What actionable steps can you take to manifest the future you want to see for yourself and your community?