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Vulnerability in Leadership

Vulnerability in Leadership

Why do we treat vulnerability like it's a negative thing? Saying "I don't know" and "I need help" seems like the purview of our young kids, not grown-up women in leadership. But let's be honest: sometimes even when you feel at risk of being emotionally exposed, you can find the courage to be yourself. So, maybe vulnerability isn't such a bad thing?

When we're rattling off the qualities that make a good leader, "vulnerable" doesn't immediately come to mind. In fact, it pretty much never comes to mind. But there's a lot to be said about someone in a position of power who isn't afraid to admit what they don't know.

Across the creative industry, there's often a common "fake it 'til you make it" mentality. Sometimes this can be a good thing—faking it can encourage us to start before we're ready, learn new things, and get out of our comfort zones. But after we've established our place as a leader, we need to make it clear to our coworkers and our clients that we are human and, as such, we don't always have it all together.

Positive leaders aren't afraid to be vulnerable. It's what opens the door to empathy, understanding and opportunity for those on our teams (a la Brené Brown). When we admit that we don't have the bandwidth or knowledge to take on a task, chances are our team members will see this as a chance to step up and expand their experience.

In this episode, we discuss how we've used our own vulnerability as a way to connect with others, bring our teams together, and take a huge weight off our shoulders.