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Evolution & Reinvention

Evolution & Reinvention

“Midlife” is a miserable concept. It’s a thought-terminating cliché that convinces us that the finish line is near, so why even bother? Evolution and reinvention are far more interesting (and less depressing) concepts to commit ourselves to. If we allow curiosity and our learned experiences to guide us when we feel restless or in need of a challenge, there’s no need to feel angst about reaching a certain age. This week, we talk about rejecting “midlife” and the ways we’ve learned to embrace evolution and reinvention in our own lives.

If you’ve got anxiety about reaching “midlife” or stumbling into the dreaded “midlife crisis,” just know that it’s not an inevitability. “Midlife” is a construct. By taking a proactive approach to life, you can avoid general monotony and the tired cliche of a “midlife rut.”

By embracing change and staying curious about new possibilities, you can avoid succumbing to that sense of stagnation many of us fear as we age. The experience and wisdom we’ve gained by reaching midlife means that, when confronting new challenges or considering reinvention, we have hard-won resources to pull from. In this episode, we talk about why we hate the phrase “midlife”, and the ways we try to pursue growth in the name of evolution and reinvention instead.