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Don't Confuse Youth with Being Youthful

Don't Confuse Youth with Being Youthful

There’s a world of difference between the idea of being youthful and the physical nature of being “young.” Youthfulness is an energy. Qualities like open-heartedness or curiosity aren’t taps you have to turn off as you age, or characteristics limited to those who are young. Particularly in relation to our careers, maintaining a youthful mindset — particularly in relation to our careers — allows us to keep growing, exposes us to new ideas, and presents us with opportunities we would have missed out on otherwise. This week, we talk about what it means to be youthful, and how this mindset manifests in our work and personal lives.

Youth might be a limited period in life, but youthfulness is a mindset that transcends age. When it comes to opportunities for career growth or probleming-solving, qualities like open-mindedness and curiosity are critical for success. But what are those qualities if not the characteristics of a youthful mindset?

Maintaining a youthful mindset doesn’t mean rejecting maturity or experience. Instead, it’s all about balancing the wisdom gained through experiences with the enthusiasm and curiosity that’s encouraged in youth. In this episode, we discuss how adopting a youthful mindset in our careers allows us to approach our work with knowledge, experience, and perpetual curiosity.