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Roz Keith: Stand with Trans

Roz Keith: Stand with Trans

Roz Keith, Founder and Executive Director of Stand with Trans, discusses the impact and importance of her organization’s work.

When Roz Keith’s son came out as transgender in 2013, there were few resources available to help him transition socially, emotionally, psychologically, and medically. In Roz’s search to find support for her own child, she realized she needed to fill the void of information for others. As a result, she founded Stand with Trans, a national resource for transgender youth and their parents.

Stand with Trans has such an important mission given the difficulties trans children face in school and even at home. They help trans youth gain confidence and find hope in the future, all while celebrating their identity.

Roz joins us to discuss her heartwarming story, the challenges gender diverse people face, and what we can do to protect the LGBTQ+ community.

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