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The Creative Process: How the Sausage Gets Made

The Creative Process: How the Sausage Gets Made

There are two main ways to use creativity: for open-ended exploration, or for problem solving with an intentional outcome. Either way, understanding the creative process is integral to success. By approaching creativity with intent, you gain an understanding of where you’re starting, whether that’s from a goal-oriented space or a blank canvas. From there, the creative process helps you understand where creativity can go, what limitations and assets you have, and where you should spend your creativity so as not to waste your time. In this episode, we discuss the creative process and how it shows up in our work.

Talking about creativity and the creative process can be necessarily abstract, but it doesn't have to be. There is value to looking at creativity as an investment. Creativity takes a willingness to challenge yourself to break down what already exists and start from scratch. This process requires a lot of trust in yourself or your team, and that can feel uncomfortable at first. While creativity can feel like a gamble you don’t have time for, the pursuit of creativity can help you avoid falling into the trap of limiting yourself to the first answer you encounter when trying to problem-solve.

As you become more comfortable navigating the creative process, it becomes easier to differentiate where you should be creative and where you should rely on a formula or a pre-existing procedure to help you reach your intended outcome. You won’t always have the capacity to explore beyond the first answer you receive when problem-solving, but you’ll have gained an understanding of what creativity and the creative process needs to look like in order for you and your team to be successful. This week, we talk about creativity and the processes we’ve found success in.