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The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

Sometimes the timing just isn’t right and you miss out on that one true hire. This week, we discuss heartbreaks in hiring and the opportunities you can capture from the resumes that just slip through your fingers.

We all have one. That potential hire with a stunning resume and agreeable ethos. The one that you just need in your organization. Sometimes, it’s a client — a project or bid that your organization didn’t get. For whatever reason, it just doesn’t work out. Such is business.

Whether they’re a potential hire or client, the one that got away can be more than just a faded photograph on your dresser. If you treat these situations right, they can provide valuable opportunities to introspect your organization, build strong business relationships, and, perhaps, establish a successful partnership the next time around.

Pour a drink as we reminisce about the ones that got away from us and reflect on what we learned from each of these experiences.