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Compensation: Lessons Learned Over the Years

Compensation: Lessons Learned Over the Years

Many micro-businesses like ours offer voluntary or “fringe” benefits for employees that extend beyond the required benefits that are rolled up in wages. From health benefits to technology stipends, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Both of our companies have tried different benefits over the years, and we’ve found that what employees find valuable changes over time. Join us as we dive into compensation, and the lessons we’ve learned over the years about benefits.

Compensation is so much more than pay – it demonstrates that you value your employees as human beings, and acknowledges their lives outside of the workplace. At the bare minimum, of course, we’re required to follow the law; but we’re proud to say that our businesses offer benefits beyond what’s expected. A small business’s benefits will certainly look different compared to what the big guys can offer, but it’s still possible to offer compensation beyond the bare minimum. Benefits such as salary, PTO, and health insurance can differ drastically depending on many factors. How do you know what compensation packages will be the best fit for your organization, considering your market, location, and needs?

One secret to solving the compensation puzzle? Ask your workforce what benefits they’re looking for. Join us as we discuss all things compensation: finding counsel experts, remaining flexible, and trusting your decisions when choosing business benefit packages.