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Managing Virtual Relationships

Managing Virtual Relationships

Today more than ever, our internal, external and client teams might not be in our own backyard. In fact, we both have clients we've never met in person across the country. But for professional communicators, it isn't always easy. We're talking about managing virtual relationships: how we can build trust and support long-term success.

We'll be honest—if we had it our way, every new relationship would start with a meaningful face-to-face chat. But in today's business environment, one needs to master virtual relationships in order to adequately scale an organization. While there's a slew of impressive technology designed solely to connect teams across the country (and the globe), remote work is easier said than done.

Virtual relationships bring a number of challenges: communication gets muddled, silos build up between teams, and invaluable nonverbal cues can get lost in translation. We've all had more than a few video conferences wrought with technical difficulties that left us daydreaming about simply talking to the client in person. But considering that remote relationships are the norm for many entrepreneurs today, how can we find creative ways to not only get the work done but build a trusting relationship with a client or an employee hundreds of miles away?

Luckily, we've learned first-hand that it can be done. This episode, we’re sharing some of tips we've picked up for effectively communicating and gaining trust with remote teams.