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What Makes a Great Partnership

What Makes a Great Partnership
When you make the right pairing, unexpected things happen. But one thing is for sure: a great partnership makes all the difference. We're excited to host our first-ever guests, Robin and Betsy Miner-Swartz. Robin and Betsy are not only one of the best duos we know, but they are dear friends and colleagues. And they have a pretty cool partnership of their own in the works with Smirnoff Vodka.

Though they can often look effortless, there's a lot of hard work behind any good partnership. Whether we're at work or home, partnerships permeate everything we do. This week, we sit down with our guests Robin and Betsy to discuss how can we manage expectations for our partners and, perhaps more importantly, be better partners ourselves. We also talk about Robin and Betsy's latest partnership with Smirnoff Vodka and how they were featured on the limited-edition "Love Wins" label. It's perfect timing for this week's vodka cocktail, Lovin' Thyme.

Lovin' Thyme

Lovin' Thyme

Lovin' Thyme
Great things come in pairs, like lavender and thyme. Lovin' Thyme, our newest original cocktail, tastes like how sitting by a garden on a breezy summer day feels. It's also best when shared with a good partner or two.


  • 4 oz chilled lavender and chamomile tea
  • 3 oz Smirnoff no. 21 vodka (preferably from a Love Wins bottle)
  • 2 oz soda
  • 1-2 dashes lavender bitters
  • Lemon juice
  • Thyme


Prepare lavender chamomile tea and let chill. Mix with vodka and soda, and add a couple drips of lavender bitters. Squeeze in fresh lemon juice. Add thyme to garnish.

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