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What Do We Do Now?—Leadership During Crises

What Do We Do Now?—Leadership During Crises
This episode, we veered from our scheduled episodes to record an impromptu talk on leading in a crisis. As you know, COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) is currently affecting nearly every aspect of our lives in Michigan and across the country–and we're seeing unprecedented restrictions and adjustments in businesses such as ours. We discuss the difficulties and intricacies of owning a business during this time and what hopeful, positive leadership looks like right now.

Amid the growing COVID-19 pandemic, we switched gears this episode to discuss how we can maintain solid leadership during a global crisis. Let's be honest—every business owner has a different problem. And those problems could be technically or emotionally complicated.

We won’t sugarcoat it: It’s a scary time for small businesses, and it’s a scary time for all businesses. Particularly, small business owners who are having to make decisions that they haven’t had to consider in the past. As we learn more about this pandemic, these decisions can change on a day-by-day basis and we need to be able to react at a moment’s notice. In short, it’s a lot to handle.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for entrepreneurs to reflect on why we got into this business in the first place. Remember that you are strong. Remember that—for the most part—this will be temporary. Remember that we can get through this.

Close and Comforting

Close and Comforting

Close and Comforting
Since the beginning of the Speak Easy Podcast, this the first week when we haven't had a cocktail. Access to the grocery store is limited. And sometimes you simply need to grab a bottle of whatever is close and comforting in order to keep things simple. So as you tune into our episode on leadership during a crisis, stay inside and grab a bottle of whatever the hell you have on hand.


  • Whatever the hell you have on hand


  • Grab the nearest bottle of vodka, whiskey, rum, gin or red wine in your home.
  • Obtain a glass, according to the size and type of your liking.
  • Pour said alcohol into aforementioned glass and enjoy.

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