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Waste Not, Want Not: How To Be Our Most Efficient And Effective Selves

Waste Not, Want Not: How To Be Our Most Efficient And Effective Selves
Every business is guilty of wasting time and resources at some point. But a wise business owner looks at processes, technologies and people to figure out if there are any leaks. Whether we're wasting time or physical resources (did we really need to print ten copies of that document?), now's the time to evaluate how we can adapt and evolve our businesses to minimize waste.

Working during the pandemic has shifted the way we go about our everyday lives. We've talked about it in past episodes, but the pandemic has uprooted us and still keeps many of us at home. It has forced us to reevaluate the things that are important to us and has shifted how we work – and it's had a big impact on resources, efficiency and waste.

Every individual is wasteful to a certain extent, whether we're aware of it or not. Unfortunately, that waste often carries over to our businesses in a variety of ways. Some of us might struggle with wasting physical resources while some of us might struggle with communication that can lead to wasted time and hours. No matter what way we waste, it is important for us to be be aware of it and do the hard work to be the most efficient and effective business (and individual) that we can be.

As business, how might we have been wasteful in the past? How can we scale back to save time, energy and resources? We break down what it means to be wasteful as a business owner and how we can change our ways.

Hibiscus Tea Sparkler

Hibiscus Tea Sparkler

Hibiscus Tea Sparkler
Looking for a refreshing mocktail to help make your work day go by just a little faster? Look no further. The Hibiscus Tea Sparkler is easy to make and perfect for tea lovers and cocktail lovers alike. Its gorgeous pink color and crisp taste will make this recipe your new favorite summer drink. Want to make an alcoholic version? Try adding a splash of vodka. No matter how you make it, you definitely need to give it a try.


  • 4 cups water
  • 7 tea bags of hibiscus tea
  • Sparkling water to top off each glass
  • A mint sprig, to garnish


  1. Bring four cups of water to a boil, and pour over hibiscus tea bags into a heat-resistant pitcher.
  2. Allow to infuse for five minutes.
  3. Remove tea bags, and place in refrigerator to chill.
  4. Pour over ice, and top with sparkling water. Add a sprig of mint to garnish.

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